Get Verified On Instagram

Get verified on Instagram

You are a public policy student at your university. You messaged senator Ted Cruz on Instagram to push an idea into new legislation that the Senate will pass, and you expect a sane reply. And the response you get somewhat looks like this: "Welcome to the cannabis club, you dream of weed, and we deliver it plx join my group" Surprisingly, this type of spam message is not uncommon. Every social media user receives DM from NFT dude bros to strippers to telemarketing companies. What differentiates an average spam/fake account from an authentic account of a brand or public figure? The Answer is a Blue Tick.

A blue Tick Badge is simply a blue tick placed beside the account's name, and Instagram uses this feature to prevent impersonification of your account. Without that elusive badge, no brand or influencer can expect to increase their online footprint. It will help you identify whether you are at the official Amanda Cerny account or a fake account is fooling you.

There are numerous advantages of securing a blue tick badge, so get verified on Instagram immediately:

Early Access to Special Features

Accounts with the badge also get early access to special features on Instagram, such as the "swipe up" feature on Instagram stories which requires a brand to have upwards of 10,000 users to gain access to the tool. Verified account owners are provided with this distinguishing feature.

Enhance your Brand Credibility with

Instagram verification

Get verified on Instagram,It increases a brand's credibility in the online space, builds the confidence of your followers, and prevents any untoward incidents related to your brand's reputation. Moreover, your views and opinions get noticed more if you have a verified account.

Great for SEO Ranking

Thirdly, a blue tick badge does wonder for your SEO ranking. Suppose a person or a brand has a verified account. In that case, that account automatically moves upon pages of the search engine, which further increases your online footprint, thereby increasing the traction of your account. Brands can hugely benefit from this and easily out-compete their competitors as e-commerce is the future of business.

Blue Tick Badge

Ensures Authentication

Social media is flooded with spam/fake accounts; unless you don't have a blue tick badge, nobody will consider your account authentic. Resultantly, your follower count will remain stagnated. Moreover, brands also don't partner up with nonverified due to fear of being spam accounts. So basically, if any brand or influencer wants to authenticate their presence on Social media sites, the blue tick is essential.

Instagram verification

Prevents CopyCat and Imposters

The most pertinent issue faced by a number of brands and influencers is impostors making fake accounts in their names. These bogus accounts commit many scams in the name of the original account. These scams can tarnish your reputation online; these copycat accounts can be prevented from leveraging your online presence by having a blue tick badge, which clearly distinguishes your account from any fake account.

Rapidly Increases Your Followers

When an account is verified with a blue tick badge, it becomes easy to find your account on Instagram, which means people looking for you find you very quickly. The following starts to grow rapidly; with a growing following, endorsements begin to roll in, and you witness the magic of the blue tick badge.

Increases Brand Awareness

Your brand won't catch the eye of potential customers unless you don't have a blue tick badge. All major brands and services have a Blue Tick Badge that distinguishes them and increases their reach on online platforms. From Nike to your local coffee shop, all the brands have some functional social media campaigns, but these campaigns won't make a mark without a verified account. So hurry up and get your brand noticed with a blue tick badge.

Boost Up Your Endorsements

The only way to increase brand endorsement as an influencer is through the blue tick badge. Companies will never be interested in partnering with you if you don't have a Blue Tick Badge. So if you want to really make some money using your account, you need to have a blue tick badge. The bottom line is to make your mark; you have to stand out; the only way to gain prominence on social media is to secure a blue tick badge on your account.