5 Reasons to Verify Your TikTok Account


5 Reasons to Verify Your TikTok Account

Have you ever wondered what the blue tick next to account name signifies? While a simple tick may not mean much to the average user, for professional TikTokers, getting the blue tick is absolutely necessary, and here is why:

A blue tick simplifies that the account is verified, and that is just the beginning. Getting a TikTok verified account does not simply validate the authenticity of your account, but gives you a backdoor access to what TikTok really has to offer. To break it simply, you could potentially earn a lot more with a verified account and here is how:

Increasing Followers

A verified account ensures your viewers that the videos are coming via a verified source. This also reinstates the quality of content that your post for your viewers. People love to follow trending TikTokers that post entertaining and relatable content, and if you have a verified account, people would never hesitate to follow your account. As a TikToker, you cannot deny the fact that increase in followers make you feel gratified.

Brand Credibility

Building a credible brand on platforms such as TikTok may be harder than it seems. While TikTok is one of the most trending social media and entertainment application. With over 800 million users worldwide, the amount of content that is posted on the platform is beyond measure. If you happen to scroll through your feed, you would surely scroll by a lot of content that does not interest you, which is mainly due to amateur users. With a verified badge next to your account, users understand that the source is credible, increasing views and likes. It also helps corporate brands seeking to promote their products and services via TikTok, and a verified badge give you the credibility you need.


A lot of times, TikTok is used for affiliate marketing purposes, with links to promotional deals, etc. However, unless you have a verified badge, people will always hesitate before proceeding with the offers. A blue tick next to your account can change the game though. You can focus on improving your business and revenue without needing to prove you are trustworthy. Let the blue tick do the trick and focus on your objectives.

Greater Exposure

TikTok is a vast realm that gives you access to various opportunities. However, in order to cash in the benefits, you would probably need to create a fandom to prove to advertisers that you are credible and reliable, which requires follows and like. The shortest way to increasing your likes and follows and to make your content accessible to the users is to get your account verified. TikTok policies and algorithms favor verified accounts against other users, giving your verified TikTok account a boost to reach the celebrity status on the platform.

Generating Revenue

One of the primary objectives for a TikToker is to turn their account into a revenue generating stream. With nearly a billion users, TikTok has become a trending platform for marketers to advertise their products and services, making it possible to cash in your views and likes. If you want to turn your TikTok account into a profitable venture, you surely need to obtain the ‘sacred’ blue tick, which paves way to maximizing earnings and profits.

Bonus Tip

Now, you know why a blue badge or getting your TikTok account verified is necessary to improve your profits and prospects. You also need to know how to achieve it. TikTok verification or the blue tick cannot be purchased, but rather earned. If you need to maximize benefits of a TikTok account, you need to ensure that your content is quality driven, relevant to the audience, and maintain consistency. These are essential in order to ‘be verified’ by TikTok, and trust me, there are no shortcuts. You need to regularly post high-quality and relevant content to obtain the verified status. However, not everything needs to be exhausting. The smart way around regularly creating and posting content can be ‘skipped’ by hiring digital agencies such as Blue Tick Pro to handle your content creation needs. Digital agencies can curate content as per your niche and liking, keeping in mind your targeted audience to not only create quality content, but also an engaging one, which would speed up the verification process.